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Class Copy

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A 30-day Copywriting Class
High Impact, Low Investment


Class Copy is a 30-day email course designed to provide an impactful, easy-to-do exercise to improve your copy. Designed to tackle what I’ve named the “crack copy” it’s literally the copy you might have missed. It’s the stuff people don’t pay their copywriters to do and they don’t think of themselves, but these little things make a big difference to your brand.

Designed to complete in anywhere between 5 minutes up to maximum one hour each day, you’ll receive an email and a short video every day with a bit about the topic we’re talking about and something for you to action.

I wanted to create something affordable and accessible so that everybody, whether a start-up business or an established brand, would be in a position to improve their content at an achievable price. Class Copy takes little time and little money but I promise it will impact your business.

Class Copy

The Feral Writer presents

Upon purchase you’ll receive a guide to the topics covered along with a handy 30 day Instagram guide for ideas on what to talk about

Combining copywriting and content marketing, looking at improving your voice holistically

30 days of videos and email content: do it at your own pace if you prefer or come back and revisit as/when you choose

These 30 days aren’t designed to help you write your website, these are tips and tricks to improve the content pitfalls. So many brands hire a professional copywriter but then drop the ball when it comes to their crack copy. So even if you’ve worked with me personally on your content, you’ll benefit from this course as it will approach your content from a new perspective.

Jess Collins is a Story Sifter, Shape Shifter and Tell Tale Extraordinaire. Known for her straight-talking grit not gloss approach, she tells tales with texture and leads with truth. Personal, powerful, impactful yet poetic, she creates content that converts and simultaneously defines her client difference, working by the sea in Cornwall.

Creating content for over ten years, Jess originally ran a content marketing agency and was a specialist content marketing writer for The Guardian. These days things are much more simple, working part time from the sand, notebook in hand, she creates content for brands all around the world. Jess has recently been named one of the top 100 Change Makers in the UK by The Big Issue.



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Creating courageous content for brands all around the world.



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Coaching creatives in over 10 different countries.



The reason this course was born. So you could create content that is personal and impactful.

You (YES, YOU)


A 30-day course designed to make a big difference with very little investment in time, money or energy. These daily snippets add up to create content that speaks to your customer and is memorable and impactful.

Class Copy

The Feral Writer presents

- Emma Woods, Fancie

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, it’s made me look and think about so many aspects of my copy differently. Jess has a wonderful way of approaching things, I loved receiving her emails and watching her videos every morning, getting my brain ticking at a time when business is tough. I will miss my morning Feral Fix. Best £30 I’ve spent.

"Have you ever seen a month long class for £30? I haven’t, but that’s what I got with Class Copy, 30 days to hone in on your brand messages, 30 days to look at all those little things that are often overlooked in a business."

Kind Words

from past course students

- Kate Cullen

The course was just what I needed, actionable each day and in just the right quantity to be manageable yet with far reaching impact. Thank you Jess for giving away so much of your incredible knowledge for such a small investment. I’ve kept all of the videos and will re-watch them regularly to check I’m keeping my brand voice working for me in the way it should.

"What can I say that expresses just how brilliant and insightful this course is? I knew it would be as everything you do always is but I didn’t realise just how timely and useful it would really become."

- Moneeza Kahn, Lotus Blu Books

Jess really gets you to tune out of all the outside noise that can easily make one fall into the trap of the sameness we see in almost every brand, she makes playing with words fun. I’m a huge fan.

"Class Copy is by far the best £30 I have spent on my small business, it also helped me to understand myself a little better."

“I’ve absolutely loved this course, worth every single penny. It’s been an uncomfortable and absolutely necessary eye opener.”

- Kitty Inner Compass HQ

- Nina Erzulie Cakes

"Class Copy, long story short: sign up, it’s brilliant! Long story long: I wasn’t sure if it was for me at first since Jess was already working on multiple projects of mine, but the amount of little things that were addressed in this course made it really worth it if you want your brand messages to carry through. For £30 it’s a steal! So sign up – it’s brilliant!”

- Sophie Bowdler Photography

All those little areas of copy that you just don’t think about… I am missing my daily emails already. Thank you Jess for a fantastic affordable course with a lot of great content.

"Class Copy was absolutely fab, totally worth the money and more! I loved having Jess in my inbox every morning giving me small, easy copy tips I could implement each day that actually make a huge difference!"

“First day of Class Copy today! Already feel like it is the best £30 I’ve ever spent.”


“I took part in Class Copy over the summer. It was the best £30 I’d spent on my business. One achievable task each day for 30 days.”

- cake by Sadie smith

No you don’t – the course is designed to be done daily in bitesize segments but it’s up to you if you would prefer to take longer or take weekends off. The class will arrive to your inbox like normal but you can do it at your leisure.

Do I have to show up every single day for 30 days?

Frequently Asked Questions

It was important to me to make sure that Class Copy was affordable and accessible to everyone because I want people at every level of business to be able to invest in their voice.

Why is it so low in price?

No, it’s not a website copywriting course, it’s for the little bits of copy that are often missed when creating content for your brand. If you are looking for website copywriting then check out my signature copywriting course, Audacity.

Will this course help me write my website?

Both! It will help with new businesses starting out but also established brands as Class Copy is centred around the crack copy that many people miss.

Is this for start-ups or established businesses?

This course has been created to help you with what I call the Crack Copy – the bits of content that many brands miss. It’s simple yet impactful and easy to implement with powerful results.

What will this course help me with?

do you have more questions?

If you need more information or have a question, please send me an email, and I'll get back with you as soon as I can. 

It’s delivered by email every day consecutively for 30 days. Each email includes a link button that takes you to a dedicated video supporting the daily theme.


It runs all of the time because it’s available on demand so as soon as you buy it, it begins.

How often does it run?

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30 days of impactful copywriting and content marketing exercises to impact your business little by little, designed for the busy entrepreneur. Improve your content marketing in a month with Class Copy.

Class Copy